Things you should never wear on an airplane (P2)


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Flip flops

As long as we’re packing away the summer clothes until you get to the beach, go ahead and toss your flip flops in your suitcase too. They are too flimsy for a full day of travel, and you’ll probably regret them at some point during your flight.

Aaron Hockel, who travels extensively for his business development role at AtlaVista Strategic Partners, said one thing he never travels in anymore is flip flops. “Let’s face it, airplanes can get very hot, and that means sweating. It is incredibly embarrassing to smell your own feet at the start of a five or six hour cross country flight with no options to cover them up.” His go-to is running or athletic shoes. “They are comfortable and save space in my suitcase. I plan to bring them for exercise anyway.”

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Itchy fabrics

Before you choose your perfect airplane outfit, take a good look at the fabric. Avoid anything scratchy or itchy, because it will start to bother you on the flight. Redfin Chief Economist Nela Richardson constantly travels for work and has learned to steer clear of uncomfortable fabrics.

“Temperature fluctuates on a plane, and heat and cold will sensitize your skin making fabrics like lace or wool even more uncomfortable than they typically are,” Richardson told me. “Plus, when you are in a seat that might not have the most legroom, those fabrics become even more annoying.”

Uncomfortable shoes

When choosing your flying shoes, go for comfort over style. You never know how far away your gate will be, so make sure you are able to easily walk or run in them. You can always throw some cute heels in your carry-on if you’re hitting the tourist spots as soon as you arrive.

“It’s common knowledge that your feet will swell on a plane, so generally speaking, I like to avoid heels and wear shoes that are cute but comfortable, like a pair of mary-janes that have a good insole, or a pair of stylish sneakers,” said Richardson. “I’ll definitely avoid any shoes that tend to already feel a bit tight because cabin pressure will only make it worse.”

Your pajamas

Pajamas via

Be honest. Last time you had a 5 a.m. flight, you were tempted to just go in your pajamas, weren’t you? There is so much to do on the morning of a flight, so sometimes getting dressed just seems like too much work. However, you’re still going out in public.

“I know that airlines are such a pain these days, but dress up a smidgen,” said Vembar. “It’s okay if you wear athleisure-wear, but think of your fellow passengers and try to put on a fresh set of clothes before you board.”

Metallic sweaters

If you’re going for a little sparkle in your travel outfit, make sure those dazzling little pieces in your sweater are not actually metal.

“This one is a bit of a surprise, but did you know that a number of sweaters that look metallic actually have metallic threads woven through the garment?” asked Vembar. “Not wearing this is more about the hassle you will get through security, because you will absolutely be stopped before you even make it to your gate.” Save the sparkle for vacation, and go for easy comfort in the airport.

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