Things you should never wear on an airplane (P1)


Next time you’re taking a trip, take a moment to look around the airport as you prepare for your flight. I love planning ahead for a trip and choosing the perfect travel outfit. It feels fresh and exciting, and I am not the only one. All over the airport you’ll see fellow travelers displaying their style, whether it’s comfortable sweats or glammed up maxi dresses. No matter your style, there are some flying fashion don’ts we should all be aware of.

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Complicated items

Before choosing your travel outfit, think about what you’ll be doing that day. You will most likely be sitting in a tight space for an extended period of time, so plan ahead for that, and don’t forget the airplane bathrooms. Make sure to avoid any outfits that will be too complicated to get off and on in those teeny tiny rooms.

Jumpsuits are difficult to remove in teeny bathrooms,” Hitha Palepu, author of How To Pack and founder of Hitha On The Go told me. “Also avoid short skirts or dresses and anything low cut.”

Cohost of Pop Fashion Kaarin Vembar recommended staying away from “anything that is very fussy. You don’t want things with lots of zippers, buttons, or something that has to be on you ‘just so’ in order to look proper,” said Vembar. “You want to be able to be comfortable!”

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Your favorite outfit

With Facebook and Instragram stories just begging to chronicle your trip, it’s tempting to break out a fabulous brand new outfit for your flight, but save it for the vacation.

“Never wear anything that if it gets spilled on, will supremely bum you out,” relationship expert April Masini told me. “It’s very easy to spill or get spilled on when there’s turbulence and elbow-to-elbow seat mates. Of course, any spill on your clothing is going to be disappointing, but if you’re wearing something expensive, heirloom-valuable, or tough to replace or clean, leave it home or pack it.”

The airplane is full of opportunities to ruin a nice outfit. Spilling drinks, rambunctious toddlers, and bathroom turbulence all threaten to destroy your perfect look. “Airplane turbulence and food and drink without lids make spills on your clothing a matter of time — not a possibility,” said Masini.

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Summer clothes

When it’s time to get away for a Caribbean vacation, you’re usually so excited for the beach that you forget the airplane temperature. Try to save your resort wear for the hotel, and stick with layers on the plane. You never know how cool it will be, and you don’t want to be shivering all the way there.

“Planes have a funny way of getting chilly, so don’t wear something for hot weather, even if you’re traveling to a hot weather climate, without bringing layers to snuggle up in during a plane ride,” recommended Masini. “Shorts and a sleeveless shirt with sandals may seem perfect and comfortable until the airplane interior becomes like fall or winter weather. Bring a sweater and socks, a blanket, or layers for plane rides.” An oversized cardigan and comfy scarf could be life-savers.

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