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The best time to visit Sapa

When is the best time to visit Sapa or Which months are the best for traveling Sapa is one of the most popular questions before anyone plans a trip to Sapa. To answer this question, Holidaytoindochina will give you some specific and useful information about the weather of Sapa below:

As stated above, Sapa is often colder than other places of Vietnam. The temperature remains stably cool throughout the year even in summer. Sapa has fully the characteristic of tropical climate with 4 seasons: spring (Feb – Apr), Summer (May – July), Autumn (Aug – Oct), and Winter (November – Jan).

February – April

Spring is wet, humid and cool. However, Spring is also a season of flowers and festivals in Sapa. Come to Sapa this time, you will see a lot of brilliant colors of flowers, ethnic clothes, ethnic festivals, etc. If you love the chilly weather, taking photos and want to explore the unique culture of Vietnam ethnic groups, you can visit Sapa this time.

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May – July

Summer in Sapa is the hottest time in Sapa but not too hot as summer in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, Hue, Hoi An, etc. The average temperature is 13-15 degree at night and 20-25 degree at noon. Someone feels that, in summer, one day in Sapa has 4 seasons: spring at the morning, summer at noon, autumn at the late afternoon and winter at night. Summer is also a season of rice planting season when you can see the beautiful green terrace fields. It’s also a season of many sweet fruits and a good time for trekking and hiking. If you don’t care about the heat, Summer is a good time to visit Sapa.

August – October

Autumn is considered as the best time to visit Sapa because it’s time for rice harvest in terrace fields. The harvest in Sapa begins exactly at the last September and early October. At this time, the weather is relatively stable with blue and clear sky, cool wind and dry trekking roads. If you are lucky to get Sapa this time, you will have an opportunity to watch the change color of rice terraces from green to yellow color. You can sometimes see the smoke of burned straw by the local people at the late afternoon – a sad but romantic and beautiful view.

November – January

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Sapa is not only a place that is famous for beautiful terraces but also one of the rare places having snow in Vietnam. In winter, Sapa is very cold, especially at night with the temperature of 10 degree, sometimes dropped off 0 degree. This is also one of the main reasons attracting tourists to Sapa more and more in winter. Winter is also a season of night street food in Sapa. If you will have a chance to enjoy top street food in Sapa such as Cap Nach pork, Thang Co, salmon hot pot, grilled corn and sweet potato, seven colors sticky rice. There is nothing more wonderful than that you are walking around Sapa night market in a cold weather with a hot grilled corn.

In conclusion, you can visit Sapa anytime you want because Sapa has its own beauty in each season. However, you should not visit Sapa in rain months because the trekking road will be very dirty and hard to go, and the scenery is worse than normal. Therefore, April, May, September and October are the best months to visit Sapa.

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