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You will be taking to various places like Minh Mang Tomb, Khai Dinh Tomb, Tu Duc Tomb during the morning time. The buffet lunch as selected with the tour package, you will get more than 50 traditional foods to have for lunch while you are in a Hue family tour. Post lunch session, the tourists will be visiting Traditional martial art Van An, and the Conical Hat Village to witness some breathtaking landscapes.

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Hue Sunrise Cruise: It is also a one-day tour package designed to roam around the beautiful rivers in Hue city. The tour guide will pick you up in the morning, and you can go for a cruise downstream by witnessing the sunrise along the eastern bank of the rivers in Hue. The sun will be rippling on the river water, and it shall be a feast for your eyes.

Tourists who love photography can select the Hue private tours and take a river ride to absorb the kaleidoscopic moments on their cameras. Apart from rowing around the river, you can visit the temples, churches, community markets and old ornate tombs during the daytime.

After reaching Thuan Hoa village, you can rope into a bicycle ride to explore more around the village. The village can give you the rare opportunity to taste the traditional foods. People are very friendly in nature, and hence it is easy to mingle with them.

Bach Ma national park: One of the highlights of your Vietnam travel in Hue, Bach Ma national park is worth seeing and you will definitely enjoy your hiking tour through jungles, waterfalls.

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Travel tips

The ancient city Hue has two different types of climate, and it is worth to experience it. If you are visiting the city during the summer season, you must carry skin protection creams.

People, who are visiting the city during winter, must carry accessories and garments that can protect them from catching cold and fever while roaming around the city. In winter, you can experience the winter drizzling.

Some tourists can get seasick while cruising around. To avoid hitting with seasickness, you need to prepare yourself by following the tips provided by the tour guide.


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Visiting all these ancient places in Hue city can bring some inner peace and let you gain the historical importance of the city. The climates, landscape, architecture, local people all are an incredible experience, which might be alien to your culture and habitat back home. These baffling experiences are the beauty of the tour, and it will give you ever cherishing memories.  

You will enjoy every bit of moment that you are about to spend in Hue with your friends or family members. The Hue travel guide will help the tourist to find the pulse of the city, and the talented English-speaking guides will make your trip a pleasant, memorable experience. For all your Hue travel packages, contact your tour operator, Holiday To Indochina, one of the best professional tour operators in Vietnam

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