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4. What to see and do in Hoi An?

4.1. Hoi An Ancient Town

First of all, if you have a chance to visit Hoi An, Hoi An Ancient Town is definitely the first place that you should check-in. Many tourists choose to stay at the ancient town instead of staying at the resorts that are near the beach. You can also see many other attractions in Hoi An like Japanese Covered Bridge’s Pagoda, Cantonese Assembly Hall, Hokien (Fujian) Meeting Hall, Chinese All-Community Meeting Hall, Museum of Sa Huynh Culture, Tan Ky House, Phung Hung House, etc.

Things to do in Hoi An Ancient Town: you should walk or bike around the town, you will feel the peaceful and slow life of the local people here, watch the beauty of many ancient houses with yellow color everywhere, take a small bamboo boat along Hoai river, and try some street food in Hoi An. And if you are a shopping-lover, Hoi An is definitely a paradise.  Or simply, just sit down a local restaurant and enjoy a cup of hot coffee. At night, you can visit the night market with many lanterns, very beautiful.

4.2. My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary via Nomad is beautiful

If you want to study the history of Vietnam, you can consider visiting My Son Sanctuary – the ancient capital of Cham people in the past. It is far about 30km from Hoi An and 60km from Danang. After visiting the ruins of My Son, you will be enjoyed the Cham’s music show, especially Apsara Dance.

4.3. Cua Dai Beach

Cua Dai Beach is a great place for swimming in Hoi An. The beach stretches 3km with fine white powdery sands, clear water and many huts and bungalows along the beach.  There are also a lot of delicious seafood restaurants located around the coast so it’s worth staying for dinner and enjoying fresh seafood served up from the vendors lining the beachfront. Besides, there are a lot of hotels and resorts from 3 to 5 stars along the beach, suitable for all tourists. Beside Cua Dai Beach, An Bang Beach is also considered as a beautiful beach in Hoi An.

4.4. Cu Lao Cham Island

Be recognized by UNESCO as the World Biosphere Reserve, Cu Lao Cham Island is definitely a great place for you to explore in Hoi An. From Cua Dai Beach, it takes about 30 minutes to arrive at Cham Island by express boat, although the tourists may choose 45-minute-boat instead. Cham Island is still an untouched island for adventurers.

Cu Lao Cham island via Vietnam Travel Keys

Come to Cham Island, you will have an opportunity to swim on crystal-clear beaches, to sunbath on long-stretching white-sandy, and take part in many interesting activities like water skiing, paragliding, kayaking, kite flying, boat racing and scuba diving. The local people in Cham Island are also well-known for their simple lifestyle and they are very hospitable.

4.5. Tra Que Herb Village

If you want to become a real Vietnamese farmer, you should experience it in Tra Que Herb Village – a small village far about 3km from Hoi An Ancient Town. Thanks to the good condition of rich soil and water, the village has long been known for growing many kinds of vegetables such us lettuce, salad, flagrant knoutwed, basil and coriander vegetables etc. Visiting Tra Que Village, you will have an opportunity to rank the ground, to sow, to water, to pick vegetables and many other activities like a local farmer, which are rarely seen in modern daily life.

If you have more time, you can visit Kim Bong Carpentry village (opposite Hoi An Old Town) or Thanh Ha Pottery Village.

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