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Travelling with toddlers

Are your kids suffering from a case of the terrible twos? You’re gonna need all the help you’re can get (just kidding)! Stick to resorts that cater for families like the Caribbean, Florida (did someone say Disneyland?), the Mediterranean, or even destinations closer to home such as the Gold coast of Australia. They’ll be kids clubs where your toddler can meet new friends, kids pools, activities and child-friendly entertainment.

It’s hard to predict your toddlers taste but most will love the novelty of a good animal or water park.  And beach destination have long been popular choices for families; a bucket and spade can provide hours of entertainment for sand n’ surf loving tots!

If your little one enjoys getting about on daddy’s shoulder or kicking back in a pram, sightseeing city breaks can be equally enjoyable. Mix it up with museums and amusement parks; these can be a great source of visual stimulation and are guaranteed to tire out the most energetic of toddlers.  

Guide to keeping your kids safe while on holiday via Parents magazine 

Travelling with young children

Now your kids are a bit bigger, the real fun can begin! There should be no barriers to travel now that your kids can express where they’d like to go and what they’d like to do. Consider holidays destinations where your younger children can discover new interests, sights and cultures such as Bali, Europe, or even as far as the UK.

Young kids are typically more adventurous so activity planned holidays can be a winning concept. Theme park trips (dare we mention Disneyland again), water parks, bike rides, museums, road trips, walking, trekking and camping would all be great holiday or day trip ideas.

The beach is still a winner with this age-group. Tween love to splash in the waves, dig in the sand and explore new places. The more activity and adventure you can provide them with the better.

Travelling with teens

Guide to keeping your kids safe while on holiday via Parentmap

After the terrible twos, so come the terrible teens (just joking….or are we)? Now your kids are of a ripe age, you can venture out towards some more exotic locations which previously would have been too ‘out there’. The world is now your oyster as they say!

Now’s a good time to consider some more high-octane adrenaline activities. Water babies may be ready to try snorkelling or scuba diving trips and snow bunnies may want to look into skiing, snowboarding. Adrenalin junkies may even be ready to trial more adventurous activities like rock climbing or bungy jumping.

Traveling with teenagers can be really fun and really rewarding so aim high!
Before you know it you’ll be doing the mad dash to the airport with a mountain of suitcases in tow. But before all the fun stuff can happen there’s a lot of travel planning to do. Keeping pre-travel stress to a minimum isn’t impossible, read on to find out more…
The key to any successful family holiday is smart preparation. Apart from packing and paperwork, it’s a good idea to think of any complications that could crop up on your trip put some safety precautions in place to make sure they don’t. So if you’d like to enjoy a stress-free family holiday, check out our helpful hints below…

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